Scaling Internal Linking Tasks for Large Agencies

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February 7, 2023
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Internal linking is an essential component of website optimization since it helps to promote search engine optimization, user experience, and website traffic. However, growing internal linking becomes a difficult job for huge agencies that oversee numerous websites. Large agencies frequently have a lot of pages and articles that need to be connected internally, which makes the procedure labor- and time-intensive. This is the root of the problem.

The Challenge of Scaling Internal Linking in Large Agencies

When it comes to scaling internal linking, large agencies with numerous websites frequently encounter a variety of difficulties. The sheer number of pages and posts that must be internally connected presents the first difficulty. To make sure that all the links are correctly positioned and working, it takes a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, internal linking can be a challenging procedure that calls for a thorough understanding of page hierarchy, website structure, and content relevancy.

Maintaining the uniformity of internal linking across various websites is another issue that big firms have. It might be tricky to standardize the procedure because many websites may have distinct internal linking architectures and needs. The complexity of scaling internal linking can also be increased by the requirement to maintain track of website updates, such as new pages and posts.

A Solution to the Problem - Link Whisper

To overcome the challenges of scaling internal linking in large agencies, a tool like Link Whisper can be invaluable. Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that automates the process of internal linking, making it easier for large agencies to manage and scale internal linking across multiple websites.

Link Whisper in Action

As an agency that uses Link Whisper for our monthly blog posting, I have found it to be a highly effective solution to our internal linking challenges. With Link Whisper, I can create a new post and then automatically get all the other live pages that should link to this post. The tool then presents me with a list of suggested internal links, allowing me to quickly and easily link my new post to relevant pages and posts on my website.

Link Whisper's unique relational entities play a significant role in scaling internal linking within an agency setting. The tool's relational entities analyze the content of your website and identify the relationships between different pages and posts, making it easier to create internal links that are relevant and effective.

Real-World Examples of Link Whisper Implementation


Link Whisper has been successfully implemented by numerous large agencies, providing them with a streamlined and efficient solution to their internal linking challenges. For example, one large agency used Link Whisper to manage internal linking for multiple websites, which resulted in improved website traffic, better user experience, and enhanced search engine optimization. The agency was able to automate the internal linking process, freeing up time and resources that were previously spent on manual internal linking tasks.

Another agency used Link Whisper to manage internal linking for their e-commerce website, which resulted in an increase in website sales and revenue. The agency was able to create internal links that were relevant to their customers, making it easier for customers to find the products they were looking for. This improved the overall customer experience and helped to increase the agency's bottom line.

The Future of Link Whisper and Internal Linking

As technology continues to evolve, it is likely that Link Whisper and other internal linking tools will continue to improve and evolve. In the future, we can expect to see tools that offer more advanced features and capabilities, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to make the process of internal linking even more streamlined and efficient.


Internal linking is a critical aspect of website optimization that can be challenging to manage and scale for large agencies with multiple websites. Link Whisper provides a solution to this problem, offering a tool that automates the internal linking process and makes it easier to manage and scale internal linking across multiple websites. With its unique relational entities and real-world success stories, Link Whisper is poised to play an important role in the future of internal linking and website optimization. Read the full review of Link Whisper here.

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