Jasper AI Review 2024

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July 8, 2023
Overall 3.75/5


  • Can handle a large number of tasks simultaneously
  • Constantly adding new features
  • Very affordable
  • Cons

  • A bit buggy at times
  • Doesn't remove the need for editors
  • A bit overwhelming for users who are new to AI
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    If you're like most content marketers, you're always looking for ways to create more engaging content. You’ve tried various methods, but you feel like something is missing.

    I’ve found the solution: Jasper AI.

    Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence platform that can help you improve your content in several ways.

    First, it can help you come up with new ideas for articles, blog posts, or even social media posts. Just type in a few keywords, and Jasper AI will generate a list of potential topics for you to write about. A blog post outline will map out everything you need to start writing.

    Second, Jasper AI can help you improve the quality of your writing. It does this by providing feedback on grammar, spelling, and clarity. This is especially helpful if you're not a native English speaker or if you're just starting out as a writer. 

    Finally, it can write content for you! Automate the writing process to meet a high word count in a fraction of the time. Better yet: Its plagiarism-free content that will pass any test. 

    Overall, Jasper AI is an extremely powerful tool that can help you create more engaging content. Use it to create blog posts and long-form content and to get over writer’s block. 

    Say goodbye to staring at a blank page, drumming your fingers while you struggle to meet a high word count. You can use Jasper AI to generate thousands of words, all relevant to a topic of your choosing. You even have the option to include your target keywords in the content.

    Looking for a writing assistant? In this Jasper AI review, I’m going to look at how this tool can help you write faster (and better quality) content:

    Summary: 3.75/5 Stars

    Price: 4/5

    The flexible pricing scale is a great asset. You can select from Starter, Boss Mode, or Business packages. Businesses of all sizes can scale up their AI content creation needs as they grow; simply add more words per month. Even if you’re running your own business and have minimal content needs, you can choose an affordable pricing plan with Jasper AI for as low as $29 a month.

    AI copywriting is a great tool for content marketers who are looking to take their long-form content and blog posts to the next level. Plus, you can save thousands on content costs.

    Accuracy: 3.5/5

    If there’s one area that needs a bit of tweaking for Jasper AI, it’s content accuracy. As of writing this, the tool does not yet have the ability to source any claims made in the content. Once your content is generated, I recommend fact-checking the text and adding sourcing for your claims. 

    Features: 4/5

    With 50+ templates to choose from, command features, and easy scaling, Jasper AI packs plenty of features that will come in handy. The ability to generate long-form content with Boss Mode is incredibly useful for blog posts and website copy. The support team is another asset; they respond quickly, and on the website, there are educational videos about how to use the software. 

    Is the writing well running dry? Use Jasper AI as a content improver. For example, you can use it to write a quick blog post conclusion or persuasive bullet points for inspiration. 

    One con is that Jasper AI itself doesn't exactly remove the need for editors; I recommend checking over your content to ensure it’s correct and coherent.

    Jasper AI helps you quickly create more personalized content. It also provides you with a lot of options when it comes to creating your content, which makes the process more efficient. All things considered, I give Jasper AI 3.75 stars out of 5

    What Is Jasper AI?

    Jasper AI can help you take your content to the next level. It's an AI-powered platform that helps you create more engaging and persuasive content by analyzing your data and providing feedback on what works (and what doesn't).

    Most content marketers are looking for ways to create more engaging content, but they often struggle to find the right solution. They try various methods but aren’t entirely happy with the results. With Jasper AI, you can create content that’s more likely to resonate with your audience and achieve your desired results. 

    Jasper AI can help you improve your content quality by providing feedback on grammar, style, and tone. Click the “Explain it to a 5th grader” button to make any sentence more readable. 

    Try Jasper AI for yourself and see how it can help you transform your content marketing strategy.

    How Does Jasper AI Work?

    Jasper AI is a machine learning platform that helps you create content for your website or blog. It’s based on a natural language processing algorithm that can learn from your past writings and make suggestions for new content. You can use it to give you a general idea of what to write a blog about or generate an entire creative story. 

    If you want to learn more about how to use the software, check out this crash course: the Jasper AI Bootcamp. 

    The algorithm

    The Jasper AI app is based on GTP-3. Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 uses a pre-trained algorithm to generate text. It’s based on 570GB of text that’s been gathered from across the internet. 

    Jasper AI is connected to GTP-3 through an open-source library that allows developers to leverage GTP-3's capabilities in their own applications. This connection allows Jasper AI to learn from GTP-3 and improve its capabilities over time.

    Who Is Jasper AI Best Suited For?

    So, what does Jasper AI offer your business? This tool can be used for:

    • SEOs, affiliate markets, and anyone who wants to improve their website's search engine ranking or traffic levels.
    • Social media managers who want to automate their posts and save time.
    • YouTubers who are looking to improve their video content.
    • Small business owners who want to create original product reviews and improve their content generation costs.
    • Bloggers who are looking for a tool to help them with content creation.

    Pros and Cons

    Is AI copywriting right for you? Here’s a quick rundown on the pros and cons:


    • The software can handle a large number of tasks simultaneously.
    • Jasper AI is constantly adding new features and integrations.
    • Jasper AI is very affordable compared to other AI software on the market.


    • The software can be a bit buggy at times.
    • Jasper AI doesn't remove the need for editors.
    • The software can be a bit overwhelming for users who are new to AI content creation.

    Jasper AI Features

    Highly trained AI models

    With Jasper AI, you can rely on the expertise of highly trained AI models to help you create content that’s more engaging and persuasive.

    AI Image Generator (Jasper Art)

    The AI Image Generator (aka Jasper Art) is a JasperAi feature that allows you to rapidly create images exactly as you imagine them.  With the JasperAi Image Generator, you don’t need to wait for design drafts from a creative team.  Instead, simply write a prompt to describe the image you see in your mind, and JasperAi will generate images for your approval in seconds.  You can modify images as you see fit and can also select additional details such as the medium, art style, artist, or mood you want them to emulate.  

    Ever imagined Johnny Depp as a stained-glass saint?  Or the pirate ship of your dreams sailing across blue Jello?  Or just a glamorous shot of a model to promote your product?  With Jasper Art, all of these images (and more) are totally within reach.

    Overall, I think Jasper Art is a great solution for individuals or organizations who publish online and are looking for original, royalty-free images to enhance their written content.  The images that Jasper Art creates are high quality, and their diversity reflects the incredible combined power of AI and machine learning.  If you’re looking for visual solutions for your content, I would definitely recommend checking out Jasper Art. 

    Pre-configured templates

    With pre-configured templates, you can generate content that resonates with your audience and achieves your desired results. Jasper AI also includes frameworks like AIDA and PAS that can help you structure your content more effectively.

    API access

    With Jasper AI's API access, you can easily connect to your data and get real-time feedback on your content. This allows you to make quick changes and see the results immediately. You can also use the API to create custom reports or integrations with other tools you're using.

    Create blog posts & social media posts

    AI copywriting streamlines the content creation process. You can write posts that are both creative and informative. 

    Original content using Jasper AI

    Don’t waste time staring at a blank page. You can get help coming up with original content ideas that are relevant to your brand. With Jasper AI, you can create long-form content without spending hours of your time writing.

    How Do I Use Jasper AI?

    To generate content with Jasper AI, you can use the following steps:

    1. Choose the type of content you want to generate.
    2. Enter the keywords or topics you want to use.
    3. Select the style of content you want.
    4. Jasper will generate the content for you.

    You can also use Jasper AI to generate content for specific purposes, such as blog posts, articles, or even marketing materials. Simply choose the type of content you want to generate, and then select the style of content you need. Jasper will do the rest!

    Jasper AI also has content look-back; it will look back to the previously written content to gain context about what it will write in the future. This ensures that your content is always relevant and engaging.

    Different content templates of Jasper AI

    Jasper AI offers a wide variety of content templates that you can use to supercharge your content marketing efforts. From blog post templates to email marketing templates, Jasper AI has it all.

    To use a content template, sign up for a free account and browse through the template library. Once you find a template that you like, simply click on the "Use This Template" button, and you'll be able to customize it to your liking.

    If you're not sure where to start, I recommend checking out the blog post templates. There are a wide variety of topics covered, so you're sure to find something that's a good fit for your blog.

    Here is a list of some of the templates Jasper AI offers:

    • Paragraph Generator: With Jasper AI, you can quickly create custom paragraphs for your website or marketing materials.
    • AIDA Framework: AIDA Framework is a marketing strategy that helps businesses capture the attention of their target market and convert it into interest, desire, and sales.
    • PAS Framework: The PAS framework is a problem-agitate-solution formula for writing good marketing copy.
    • Content Improver: Takes content and rewrites it to make it more creative, interesting, and engaging.
    • Product Description: Creates compelling product descriptions to be used anywhere
    • Facebook Ad Copy Generator: Creates copy for the "Primary Text" section of your FB ads.
    • Creative Story: Writes creative stories in the tone of different authors.
    • Explain It to a Child: Rephrases text to make it easier to read and understand.
    • Instagram Post Captions: Writes captions for Instagram posts.
    • Marketing Angles: Brainstorms different marketing angles. It basically gives you a list of hooks for your company or product.
    • Video description: Generates compelling descriptions for your videos.
    • YouTube Video Titles: Writes YouTube video titles.
    • Company Bio: Creates a company bio.

    These are just a few of the templates available; the Jasper team is always adding more.

    What are Jasper AI recipes?

    A recipe is a set of instructions for performing a task. Jasper AI recipes are collections of commands that allow you to automate tasks on your computer.

    You can think of a recipe as a set of instructions for baking a cake. The recipe will tell you what ingredients to use, how much of each ingredient to use, what utensils you'll need, and how to put everything together.

    Jasper AI recipes are similar. They are sets of instructions that tell Jasper AI how to perform a task. Recipes can be as simple as a single command, or they can be complex collections of commands that automate a series of tasks.

    Jasper AI recipes are written in the Jasper AI Domain Specific Language (DSL). The DSL is a simple yet powerful language that allows you to specify the steps needed to perform a task.

    Jasper AI recipes are stored in files with a ".jasper" extension. When you create a new recipe, you'll need to give it a name and save it to a ".jasper" file.

    The Jasper AI recipes repository is a collection of recipes that are available for anyone to use. You can browse the repository and find recipes that solve common problems, or you can contribute your recipes for others to use.

    If you're new to Jasper AI, I recommend checking out the recipes in the repository. These recipes can be a great starting point for learning how to use the DSL and automate tasks on your computer.

    Using Jasper AI Boss Mode

    Write long-form content in just minutes when you unlock Boss Mode. You can generate thousands of words that will pass any plagiarism test. Better yet, you can easily optimize the content for SEO purposes. 

    You can add multiple content elements, including introductions, conclusions, and body paragraphs. Build out your content with all the pieces you need to create a compelling, optimized, and well-written article. 

    If you manage multiple projects, you can switch between clients to manage different content needs. For agencies, SEO writers, and entrepreneurs, Boss Mode is the perfect fit.

    The features of the Boss Mode are as follows:

    • Generate thousands of words without going over budget.
    • Meet word counts with ease and build out existing content.
    • Keep track of multiple projects.
    • Use Jasper Commands to tell the software exactly what you need it to do. Ex) “Write a paragraph about plumbing inspections.”
    • And more!

    Jasper AI and Surfer integration

    Surfer SEO is a powerful tool that can help you improve your website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Jasper AI integrates with Surfer SEO to help you optimize your website for search engines. 

    Want to rank higher in Google searches? With Jasper AI's help, you can get the most out of Surfer SEO and improve your website's visibility and traffic. The Surfer SEO integration is an excellent way to optimize your content in a flash. 

    Jasper AI Pricing

    So, how much will this tool cost? Here’s a look at the Jasper AI pricing plans: 

    Starter Plan

    This plan gives you access to all base templates. Write short-form content like product descriptions, single paragraphs, and much more.

    • Up to 10 users
    • 50+ AI templates
    • Support Chat

    Boss Mode Plan

    Want to use Jasper for creating long-form content? Boss Mode unlocks access to even more features. Check out this more inclusive plan, which offers:

    • More credits
    • Compose and Command Features
    • Google Doc Style Editor
    • Maximum Content Look-Back
    • Increased limits on templates

    Alternatives to Jasper AI

    Looking for the best alternatives to Jasper? You can check out the following: 

    • Peppertype.ai is an AI that can help improve your writing by proofreading your work and suggesting corrections.
    • ContentBot.ai is another AI that can help with content creation by providing you with ideas and topics to write about.
    • Writesonic is an AI that can help you with your writing by providing feedback and suggestions on how to improve your work.
    • Grammarly Business is another useful tool; while it can’t generate content on its own, it can help you refine existing content. Write with clarity, keep your branding consistent, and speed up the editing process with Grammarly Business. 

    What Sets Jasper AI Apart From the Competition?

    I’ve listed a few Jasper AI alternatives above, which might make you wonder: Why should I choose Jasper AI? 

    In my experiences using this tool, I’ve found a few key ways that it differs from the competition. My main reasons are:

    • Flexible pricing. The sliding scale gives you total control over pricing. It’s easy to scale up your content needs as your business grows.
    • Plenty of templates to choose from. If you need a specific style of content, you’ll appreciate all the templates available on Jasper AI. Generate topics, conclude a blog post, or write a creative story—you name it, there’s a template for it.
    • Language support. Choose from over 25 different languages to write your content in. The software can read and write in a variety of dialects. You can write in whichever language you prefer and select the desired output for Jasper AI to write in.


    Can Jasper AI write a book?

    Yes, Jasper AI can write a book. The artificial intelligence platform can generate new text content by analyzing data sources and then compiling the information into a cohesive narrative. 

    For example, Jasper AI can compile data from news articles, social media posts, and other online resources to create an original e-book on a given topic.

    Is Jasper AI free?

    Users can claim up to 10,000 words for free.

    How does Jasper stack up to Copy AI?

    Copy.ai is an alternative to Jasper.ai as it offers an AI-powered copywriting tool that automates the creation of content, similar to Jasper.ai's natural language processing capabilities. Read the full comparison between jasper and copy ai here.

    What's the refund policy of Jasper AI?

    Jasper AI offers a no-questions-asked refund policy on all of its products. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact the customer service team for a full refund.

    Does Jasper AI support other languages?

    Yup! You can produce content in 25+ different languages.

    How long does it take to get started with Jasper AI?

    It takes just a few minutes to get started with Jasper AI. Create an account, and you can start generating quality content right away.

    What is AI copywriting?

    AI copywriting is the process of using artificial intelligence to write persuasive, effective ad copy. AI content is generated much faster, which means you can create dozens of blogs in the same time it’d take you to write one.

    Will AI replace copywriters?

    That is a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, AI can generate text that is similar in quality to that written by a human. On the other hand, AI cannot yet generate truly original text. Therefore, it’s unlikely that copywriters will be replaced by AI anytime soon.

    Can AI write blogs?

    Yes, AI can write blogs. In fact, there are many AI-generated blogs out there. 

    Some people worry that AI will replace human bloggers, but I think that human bloggers have a lot to offer that AI can't replicate. For example, human bloggers can connect with their readers on a personal level, and they can create more relatable content.

    AI-generated content can be interesting, but it often lacks the personal touch that makes human bloggers so special.

    Why did Jarvis.ai change to Jasper AI?

    After receiving a cease and desist letter from Marvel (the legal owners of the JARVIS trademark), the company decided it was easier just to switch the name. As such, Jarvis became Jasper practically overnight. 

    How do I contact Jasper AI support?

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to the support team at hey@jasper.ai. In our experience, they’re pretty responsive and usually get back to you within the hour. 

    Sign Up for a Free Trial Today!

    Does this sound like you? You want to produce great content, but you lack the time or resources to do it yourself. Writing great content takes time and effort, and it's hard to find the right balance between quality and quantity. 

    Generate AI content to meet your content goals without breaking the bank. Jasper AI offers a unique opportunity for content marketers to take their strategy and results to the next level. 

    By providing suggestions for topics and generating thousands of words, Jasper AI can help you save time and money. Even better, you can increase your audience engagement and overall ROI.

    I give Jasper AI a rating of 3.75/5. The main benefits here are:

    1. Jasper AI can help you save time and effort when creating content and blog post topic ideas.
    2. With AI assistance, you can create more content in a shorter amount of time.
    3. Jasper AI can help you improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

    If you're looking for a powerful AI assistant that can help take your business to the next level, look no further than Jasper AI. With Jasper's help, you'll be able to automate important tasks and make a content strategy faster than ever before. Use Boss Mode to write pages of plagiarism-free content at light speed. 

    This entire review was generated with the help of Jasper AI. As you can see, it does a pretty good job of imitating human writing. Even this text that you're reading right now has been entirely generated by Jasper AI. If you're looking for a tool to help you with your writing, it’s a great option.

    So what are you waiting for? Get started with Jasper today!

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