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August 30, 2023
Overall 4.5/5
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  • User-friendly onboarding tutorial
  • Ability to export reports and keywords
  • Free SEO training resources
  • Chrome extension integration
  • Powerful keyword and content discovery
  • Cons

  • Low competitor limit on basic plan
  • Can slow down when running multiple reports
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    This in-depth Ubersuggest review covers everything you need to know about the SEO software tool. We'll explore the key features, pricing, customer support, and overall value Ubersuggest provides.

    You'll gain insight into the dashboard, keyword research, backlink analysis, and traffic estimation capabilities. We'll assess how these core functionalities and related features stack up compared to alternatives.

    By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of who Ubersuggest is best suited for and whether it should be part of your SEO toolkit.

    For those seeking an affordable alternative to SEMrush or Ahrefs, Keysearch is a great option. It delivers robust yet practical SEO insights at a fraction of the cost.

    Keep reading or jump to the conclusion for our final verdict on Ubersuggest and its place among industry leaders. Let's dive in and determine if this software can truly enhance your efforts

    What is Ubersuggest?

    Ubersuggest is an SEO software and keyword research tool developed by industry expert Neil Patel. It leverages a massive database to uncover keyword and content opportunities to improve website rankings.

    The software helps you identify and target strategic SEO topics and pages to boost your search engine visibility. It also enables tracking website performance for you and competitors.

    But keyword research is just the tip of the iceberg. Ubersuggest offers numerous other features designed to provide an edge over rivals in competitive spaces.

    The platform aims to be an all-in-one solution for monitoring rankings across search engines, analyzing competitors, generating content ideas, building backlinks and more.

    While promising robust capabilities, does Ubersuggest truly deliver as a viable alternative to prominent tools? We'll analyze the key features and user experience ahead.

    Top Benefits of Ubersuggest

    Ubersuggest offers several compelling capabilities. Here are some of the core benefits users can leverage:

    • Domain Overview - Review competitor keywords, backlinks and optimize your strategy.
    • Discover Top SEO Pages - Identify high-performing pages on other sites for benchmarking.
    • Keyword Suggestions - Access the powerful keyword research tool for opportunity finding.
    • Find Errors - Receive reports highlighting issues to address on your site.
    • Tracking - Monitor your site's keywords daily to gauge performance.

    In addition to robust keyword research, Ubersuggest provides well-rounded SEO insights from backlink analysis to error auditing and beyond.

    The platform aims to be an all-in-one solution for research, tracking, benchmarking and optimizing website visibility. But how does it deliver on these promises? Keep reading our hands-on review for the full analysis.

    Overview of Key Ubersuggest Features

    Ubersuggest is organized into four primary categories:

    • Dashboard
    • Keywords
    • Traffic
    • Backlinks

    Within each category are multiple features and tools delivering specialized capabilities. For example, the Dashboard includes sections for Rank Tracking, Site Audit and more.

    We'll break down each section in detail to provide a comprehensive look at what's available across the platform.

    Understanding the scope of features will give clarity on who can benefit most from Ubersuggest versus needing a more robust tool.

    Let's kick things off by exploring the Dashboard and its associated tools for tracking and auditing your website's performance. This centralized hub aims to provide an overview of your SEO efforts.

    Exploring the Ubersuggest Dashboard

    The dashboard is the central hub and starting point when using Ubersuggest. Based on your plan, you'll first add your website URLs, target keywords, and connect services like Google Search Console.

    ubersuggest dashboard

    By entering your website and desired number of keywords, you enable the software to start tracking rankings and providing actionable insights. Integrating Search Console allows Ubersuggest to access key data like clicks and impressions.

    Once your sites are connected, the dashboard displays important metrics including:

    • Number of backlinks
    • Estimated traffic
    • Tracked keywords
    • SEO score
    • Site audit showing issues

    This centralized overview allows you to monitor your website's overall SEO health and track progress on optimization efforts. You can quickly view key data points, identify problems areas, and access deeper reporting.

    The dashboard aims to provide a convenient launching point for tackling your most important SEO tasks and benchmarking performance. But does the reporting depth match leading alternatives? Our review continues below.

    Rank Tracking

    The Rank Tracking section provides an in-depth look at the keywords and projects you entered into Ubersuggest. It displays detailed ranking data and tracking updates for your target keywords.

    Interactive charts showcase whether your rankings for specific keywords are increasing or decreasing over time. Useful customization options include exporting CSV reports, modifying tracked keywords, and filtering by country and date range.

    Overall, Rank Tracking gives granular and customizable visibility into your keyword rankings so you can closely monitor SEO progress.

    Site Audit

    The Site Audit is a valuable feature that performs a health check of your website's SEO. Simply enter a URL and Ubersuggest will analyze the site for critical errors, warnings, and areas needing improvement.

    Results are delivered in an easy-to-digest report highlighting your site's overall SEO health. Any urgent issues are clearly flagged so you can address them quickly.

    Helpfully, you can click on each finding to see specific instructions on resolving the problem. Ubersuggest also provides a difficulty score and estimated time for fixing each item.

    In addition to SEO checks, Site Audit includes speed testing for both desktop and mobile versions. This comprehensive audit equips you with actionable insights to diagnose and improve website optimization.

    ubersuggest site audit

    Effective Keyword Research with UberSuggest

    UberSuggest provides useful features to support comprehensive keyword research. Let's explore how to leverage this tool to uncover keyword opportunities.

    Discovering New Keyword Ideas

    The keyword ideas section allows you to input a seed keyword and generates additional related keywords.

    UberSuggest assigns each keyword an SEO difficulty score from 0-100. Higher scores indicate more challenging keywords to rank for. Filter keywords by difficulty levels:

    • 0-35: Low difficulty
    • 36-69: Medium difficulty
    • 70-100: High difficulty

    Clicking on a keyword displays ranking pages and helpful data like estimated traffic, backlinks, domain authority, and social shares.

    Export keyword results to CSV or clipboard for further analysis.

    Analyzing Competitor Keywords

    Enter a competitor's domain to view their top ranking keywords and traffic estimates. This provides insight into keywords where they have high visibility.

    Filter and export results to uncover potential keyword opportunities to target. The goal is to identify "low-hanging fruit" keywords that are easier to outrank the competitor for.

    UberSuggest empowers easy extraction of a competitor's best keywords to inform your own targeting strategy.

    In summary, UberSuggest provides robust keyword research capabilities through its keyword ideas and competitor analysis features. The ability to filter and export results helps drive effective keyword targeting decisions. Approach keyword research with UberSuggest as a vital step in optimizing content and ranking higher in search.

    More Keyword Research Gold

    We've already covered how UberSuggest helps you drill down on keyword ideas and peek at competitors. But wait, there's more! This nifty tool has a few other killer features that'll level up your keyword research game.

    Looking at Similar Sites

    If you wanna see what other sites are ranking for in your niche, just plug a domain into this section. UberSuggest will pull up a list of similar sites along with their top keywords and traffic stats.

    You can view all the keywords for each site or see the "keywords gap" - stuff that site ranks for but you don't. This helps uncover more potential opportunities to target.

    You'll also get the number of backlinks and traffic for each keyword so you can gauge competition. Now that's what I call useful intel!

    Brainstorming Content Ideas

    This section's great for sparking content ideas based on a keyword. Just type in a keyword and UberSuggest will serve up the most popular types of content around that topic along with estimated visitors and backlinks.

    You can see what's resonating with readers and producing links to get those creative juices flowin'. I'd say this feature alone makes UberSuggest worth its weight in gold for doing keyword research. It's an absolute game changer.

    Analyzing Traffic and Backlinks

    In addition to robust keyword research capabilities, UberSuggest provides helpful data on website traffic and backlinks.

    Evaluating Traffic

    The traffic overview section offers an at-a-glance look at key metrics for a domain or URL:

    • Organic traffic estimates
    • Number of backlinks
    • Domain authority score
    • Top ranking keywords
    • Most popular content

    Filter results by country for localized insights. Charts and graphs visualize the data for easy interpretation.

    The top pages by traffic section lists the highest-traffic pages on a domain. Click "view all" on a page to see the specific keywords driving traffic to it.

    Assessing Backlink Profile

    Input a domain into the backlink overview section to evaluate its backlink profile:

    • Total backlinks
    • Referring domains
    • Lost and new backlinks
    • Referring domain authority range

    View all backlinks by URL, filtering by follow/nofollow attribute.

    The backlink opportunity section generates a list of websites and topics that represent potential link building targets. Focus on opportunities closely aligned with your brand for the best results.

    Supplemental Capabilities

    Beyond its core keyword and site analytics, UberSuggest offers a few additional capabilities that enhance the user experience.

    Chrome Extension

    The UberSuggest browser extension seamlessly integrates with Google searches to display helpful SEO data like keyword difficulty scores and traffic estimates. This makes it easy to access key metrics without leaving your search results page. The extension provides an efficient way to enrich the SERP evaluation process.

    Customer Support

    UberSuggest provides both email and live chat support. The availability of real-time live chat is an impressive offering, providing timely answers to any questions that may arise while using the tool. Robust customer service resources help users get the most out of UberSuggest.

    Educational Resources

    The platform includes useful learning resources like onboarding videos and free SEO training materials. These assets help users continually improve their knowledge of best practices. Ongoing education enables customers to maximize the value of the toolset.

    In summary, UberSuggest goes beyond surface-level features. Thoughtful additions like the browser extension, customer support, and educational content demonstrate a commitment to empowering users with actionable SEO insights. The tool aims to drive results by supporting users holistically.

    Evaluating UberSuggest

    UberSuggest is a robust SEO toolkit, but how does it measure up overall? Let's recap the key pros and cons.


    • User-friendly onboarding tutorial
    • Ability to export reports and keywords
    • Free SEO training resources
    • Chrome extension integration
    • Cost-effective pricing compared to competitors
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
    • Social media metrics provided
    • Powerful keyword and content discovery


    • Low competitor limit on basic plan
    • Can slow down when running multiple reports

    While UberSuggest has a few minor limitations, its strengths far outweigh its weaknesses. The tool makes SEO insights highly accessible through its combination of affordable pricing, ease of use, and wealth of actionable data.


    Below is a list of alternatives to Ubersuggest:


    In summary, UberSuggest is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced SEO professionals. It simplifies the process of researching keywords, gauging competition, and identifying optimization opportunities.

    While alternatives exist, UberSuggest provides tremendous value through its extensive features and robust analytics capabilities. The tool excels at converting complex SEO data into digestible, optimized insights.

    For those seeking to better understand their site's visibility and discover new avenues for growth, UberSuggest delivers immense practical utility. It comes highly recommended as an invaluable SEO asset.

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