Terry Williams

SerpFocus Co-Founder & SEO Team Leader at First Rank Digital Marketing

As the co-founder of SerpFocus, my main responsibilities have been to grow people's businesses through the means of sound SEO strategy. I started my career after graduating college at IG Wealth Management as a reporting analyst. Technical analysis has always been a strong point of mine. That's why I fell in love with Technical SEO.

I launched my own service-based business in 2016 and sold it a few years later after growing it to over $500,000+ in annual gross revenue.

I then joined First Rank Digital Marketing in 2019 as a Technical SEO Specialist and quickly grew into a team leader position.

As the Technical SEO Team Leader, my responsibility is managing the technical SEO team and growing clients' businesses. This involves formulating SEO strategies, staying current on SEO trends, monitoring the performance of client websites, and implementing technical fixes.

I currently still work for First Rank Digital Marketing, and offer consulting services through SerpFocus. While I offer consulting services, I can also provide the implementation of the consulting too. I have the ability to leverage First Rank's team of over 20+ staff, ranging from link building specialists, writers and editors, developers, and on-page specialists.

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