Terry Williams

Technical SEO Team Leader

As the Technical SEO Team Leader, Terry’s main responsibilities are to plan SEO strategies for clients and ensure those strategies are implemented effectively and efficiently. He approaches SEO from a technical and on-page perspective. 

Terry graduated from Red River College in the Business Administrator Finance stream. He began working at IG Wealth Management as a reporting analyst. 

Terry launched his own service-based business in 2016 and became one of First Rank’s first clients. He sold his business a few years later after growing it to over $100,000+ in annual gross revenue.

Terry joined First Rank in 2019 as a Technical SEO Specialist. As the Technical SEO Team Leader, Terry is responsible for managing the technical SEO team. This involves formulating SEO strategies, staying current on SEO trends, monitoring the performance of client websites, and implementing technical fixes.

In SEO, the learning never stops, which is why Terry believes it’s essential to maintain a positive attitude. He has found that an open mind is crucial to staying at the top of the field and that it’s necessary to be receptive to new information, strategies, and optimization techniques.

Terry’s favourite part of his role is working as a team and seeing the difference First Rank makes for clients. Combining his talents with other team members to deliver great results is something he deeply enjoys. He always finds it exciting to watch his team put a client’s website at the top of search results.

One challenging aspect of Terry’s position is when an SEO strategy does not deliver the expected results. It forces him to think outside the box, see things from alternative perspectives, and try new strategies.

Terry’s personal goal within First Rank is to generate $150k a month in affiliate revenue, and he is well on his way.

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