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September 12, 2023
Overall 3.5/5
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  • Automated monitoring and alerts save time over manual tracking
  • Consolidates vital link metrics from various sources
  • Provides useful context on where/how competitors earn links
  • Cons

  • Less extensive link database than some alternatives
  • Missing some advanced capabilities like link intersect
  • Lags in detecting newest links from active campaigns
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    Backlink monitoring and analysis represents an indispensable yet often tedious facet of SEO success. As our agency scales in clients and campaigns, tracking the expanding number of links becomes increasingly challenging. Relying on manual backlink research and spreadsheet trackers ultimately proves unwieldy.

    In this Linkody review, I'll share hands-on perspectives of how Linkody streamlines the all-important but labor-intensive task of backlink research. I evaluate key features for tracking new links obtained, monitoring existing links, analyzing competitors' profiles, and automating report generation. My goal is to assess how materially Linkody alleviates the burden of manual link data aggregation and analysis - a boon for SEO agencies and in-house teams alike as campaigns scale. While not without some drawbacks, Linkody succeeds in bringing indispensable productivity and time savings to day-to-day backlink intelligence gathering.

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    To automate backlink intelligence gathering, our team now utilizes Linkody - a SaaS platform dedicated to backlink monitoring and reporting. Launched in 2011, Linkody aims to provide always-on insights into both owned and competitor backlink profiles. Once configured with target domains, Linkody continuously crawls the web to surface links, analyzes metrics, and generates reports.



    • 4 stars - Linkody is reasonably priced for individuals and small teams, especially compared to full enterprise suites. Plans scale up reasonably as needs grow.


    • 3 stars - Core backlink data seems fairly accurate but lacks some context of larger databases. Integrations help expand link visibility.


    • 4 stars - Covers all the key capabilities needed for efficient link tracking and analysis for most use cases.


    • Automated monitoring and alerts save time over manual tracking
    • Consolidates vital link metrics from various sources
    • Provides useful context on where/how competitors earn links
    • Affordable pricing compared to all-in-one suites
    • Core features sufficient for everyday link building needs


    • Less extensive link database than some alternatives
    • Missing some advanced capabilities like link intersect
    • Interface visualizations somewhat basic
    • Limited customization options for alerts and reporting
    • Lags in detecting newest links from active campaigns

    Linkody earns strong marks for delivering robust productivity-enhancing backlink tracking tools at reasonable prices for small teams and individuals. The core feature set covers the essentials like alerts and metrics without overcomplicating. For most basic link building needs, Linkody provides tremendous time savings and actionable insights.

    Features of Linkody

    Aggregating Key Link Data in One Place

    A core benefit Linkody provides is consolidating vital backlink metrics from various sources into one centralized dashboard. The tool prominently displays metrics like MozRank, Domain Authority, Spam Score, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Alexa rank. While no one metric fully represents search engine valuation, together they grant a multidimensional view of link profile authority and quality.

    Previously our agency compiled these metrics via individual tools from Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs and more. Linkody's aggregation eliminates the need to manually cross-reference separate reports. Having all the data integrated in Linkody provides faster insights into which links confer true authority versus those that may be low quality.

    Automated Tracking and Analysis of Backlink Acquisition

    Linkody employs an automated crawler to discover and log new backlinks pointing to your site over time. Each day it checks for new links and adds them to the database alongside contextual data like:

    • Date link first appeared
    • Page URL
    • Anchor text
    • Whether nofollow/dofollow
    • Linking domain authority metrics
    • Indexing status in Google

    This hands-off monitoring massively simplifies tracking links from outreach campaigns compared to manual Google searches and spreadsheets. The timeline view highlights links obtained by date while filtering and exports enable segmenting for further analysis.

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    Linkody also surfaces competitor backlinks for tracking their link building progress. Studying rivals' new high-quality links reveals targets to emulate and opportunities to outreach. However, Linkody's crawl does not appear as robust as some alternatives, with lags in detecting the newest links. The automated tracking provides tremendous efficiency but requires patience as the backlink index expands over time.

    Uncovering Competitors' Link Building Strategies

    One of Linkody's most differentiated features is the ability to closely track links obtained by competitor domains. By entering rival sites, Linkody reveals their latest backlink acquisitions and contextual link data.

    The Competitors Links report mirrors the owned site report, listing all the new links Linkody discovers pointing to their domain. Each link surfaces statistics like date first seen, anchor text, authority metrics of the referring site, and exact placement on the page.

    Studying successful links secured by competitors provides an X-ray view into their link building tactics. Our agency leverages these insights to identify site targets and specific types of outreach resonating in our space. Linkody reveals not just where but how competitors are obtaining links for replication. The page-level context empowers outreach that credibly mimics competitors' demonstrated success.

    While competitive intelligence is not unique to Linkody, the user-friendly, integrated implementation makes this competitive analysis effortless versus manual searches. The tool eliminates the need to actively hunt for competitors' latest links across multiple platforms.

    Expanding Link Visibility via Third-Party Integrations

    To augment its internal crawl, Linkody incorporates backlink data from integrations with Google Analytics and Ahrefs. Connecting an account provides Linkody access to a wider index of known links to accelerate discovery and monitoring.

    This helps overcome limitations of Linkody's more modest internal link database. The integrations enable Linkody to surface a greater portion of a website's links automatically rather than relying solely on its own crawler. Syncing additional sources expands visibility into new links that may be missed by Linkody's isolated efforts.

    Our agency connects every client domain to maximize Linkody's pool of links. While still not flawless in capturing 100% of links, the integrations noticeably improve link visibility. The expanded data provides a more accurate view of link acquisition pacing and outreach results.

    Pricing Plans

    Linkody offers five paid plans ranging from $14.90 per month up to $153.90 for the Agency XL plan when billed annually. Each tier includes a varying number of tracked domains, monitored links per domain, and user seats.

    The entry-level Webmaster plan at $14.90 monthly allows tracking 2 domains with 500 links monitored per domain. This provides sufficient capabilities for a single site owner to monitor their core link building efforts.

    Stepping up to the $24.90 Advanced plan expands tracking to 5 domains and 2,000 links per domain. The Pro plan at $49.90 further scales to 20 domains and 5,000 links each, better suited for agencies and teams. Enterprise-level plans are available through custom quotes.

    One unique aspect is Linkody offers the standard features regardless of plan, including email alerts, metrics, visualization, and exports. The tiers only limit the number of domains and discoverable links. This means critical functionality isn't paywalled on lower pricing.

    Compared to alternatives, Linkody delivers robust link tracking capabilities at reasonable rates for individuals and small businesses. Those needing large-scale, agency-level tracking may find better value in all-in-one competitive intelligence suites however. But for most basic link building needs, Linkody's plans offer solid capabilities without breaking budget. Trying the 30-day free trial helps evaluate if the scope matches your needs.

    Alternative Link Tracking Options

    While Linkody provides extensive backlink tracking and analysis, other tools offer similar capabilities that may better suit some users' needs:

    • Ahrefs - All-in-one SEO toolkit with huge backlink database and automated alerts. More expensive but with more extensive features.
    • BuzzStream - Specialized outreach and link tracking tool with focus on campaign management.
    • Majestic - Suite focused exclusively on backlink data and metrics for large-scale tracking.
    • Moz - Longstanding SEO tool includes basic alerting for new backlinks discovered. More limited features.
    • Kerboo - Backlink checker providing automated monitoring and reporting. Lacks some contextual data.

    Final Verdict

    Linkody hits a sweet spot between comprehensive backlink tracking and reasonable pricing. The core automation, alerting and metrics cover the must-have capabilities for day-to-day link intelligence. Larger enterprises may require expanded scope but Linkody satisfies essential needs for individuals and small teams.

    Compared to lower-priced alternatives, Linkody provides more robust tracking with contextual page-level data. And it delivers stronger alerts and campaign management versus DIY manual monitoring. For those needing advanced features, all-in-one suites like Ahrefs add more but at a steep price hike. Overall, Linkody strikes the right balance of automation, insights and affordability.

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