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September 8, 2023
Overall 4.5/5
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  • In-depth local ranking and metrics tracking
  • Easy-to-use dashboard and reporting
  • GMB management and optimization tools
  • Benchmarks competitors in local pack
  • Cons

  • Requires manual rank checking for full visibility
  • Lacks some GMB features of premium alternatives
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    Ranking highly in Google Maps search results is critical for local businesses to gain visibility and attract customers. Without appearing in the coveted Map 3-pack, your Google My Business (GMB) profile is essentially invisible.

    Local Falcon is a solution focused entirely on improving GMB rankings through optimized profiles and review generation. In this Local Falcon review, we'll evaluate if its GMB-specific tools can take your local SEO to the next level.

    Boosting your Google Maps presence can drive massive leads and revenue. By digging into Local Falcon's features for monitoring rankings, managing reviews, creating compelling profiles, and more, we'll determine if it's the right fit for amplifying your local search dominance.

    Let's dive in to see how Local Falcon goes beyond basic GMB management to turn your profile into a true lead generation machine.


    Pros and Cons of Local Falcon


    • In-depth local ranking and metrics tracking
    • Easy-to-use dashboard and reporting
    • Pay-as-you-go credits pricing model
    • GMB management and optimization tools
    • Tracks relevance and prominence scores
    • Benchmarks competitors in local pack


    • Requires manual rank checking for full visibility
    • Steep learning curve for beginners
    • Limited keyword tracking capabilities
    • Lacks some GMB features of premium alternatives
    • Technical issues and bugs occasionally

    Local Falcon Ratings

    Price - 🌟🌟🌟🌟

    The flexible credits-based pricing makes Local Falcon very affordable compared to fixed monthly plans from competitors. Great for sporadic use or bootstrapped brands.

    Accuracy - 🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Rank tracking and metric accuracy is reliable thanks to their focus solely on local SEO analytics. Provides trustworthy competitive intelligence.

    Features - 🌟🌟🌟

    Robust core features for location tracking and insights. GMB management capabilities are a bit lightweight vs. other tools. But covers the essentials well.

    What Is Local Falcon?

    Local Falcon is a local rank tracking and SEO analytics tool focused entirely on optimizing Google My Business (GMB) rankings.

    It was created by SEO expert Yan Gilbert after recognizing a need for more robust GMB-specific tracking capabilities.

    The tool functions by leveraging search proximity - how physical distance to a business impacts local search rankings. Nearby results get ranked higher.

    By customizing results based on a GMB listing's region, Local Falcon provides actionable insights on dominating the map pack for that specific locality.

    Features like prominence and relevance score tracking equip businesses to enhance their local visibility. Recently Local Falcon partnered with dbaPlatform to offer integrated GMB management capabilities as well.

    In summary, Local Falcon fills a void in the SEO analytics space with its specialized focus on optimizing Google Maps rankings. It transforms search visibility for businesses struggling to rank locally and connect with nearby customers.

    gmb heat map

    Why Use Local Falcon?

    Knowing standard SEO metrics like domain authority and organic keyword ranks is table stakes. But mastering local SEO requires diving into specialized data points.

    This is where Local Falcon shines - providing in-depth tracking of:

    • Local visibility scores like prominence and relevance
    • Share of Voice (SOV) in Google Maps
    • Average rank position (ARP) for keywords by locality

    Access to this geo-targeted competitive intelligence is invaluable:

    • Monitor your precise local search standings
    • Identify high-ranking rivals to model and outrank
    • Gauge local pack progress over time

    With these location-specific insights, you can invest in targeted local SEO and PPC with confidence.

    Rather than just a citation builder, Local Falcon serves as an indispensable local rank tracking tool. Its finely tuned, hyperlocal data provides unmatched visibility into dominating Google Maps for your unique markets.

    How Local Authority is Scored?

    There are 6 main components of how Local SEO Authority is scored:

    • Listing Health – useful for measuring location profile accuracy
    • Brand Health – useful for monitoring branded photos & post content
    • Reputation Health – Useful to see your review ratings 
    • Engagement Health – useful for measuring how responsive to customers you are
    • Influence Health – useful for monitoring your profile interactions
    • Historic Health – useful for measuring how your business spends its time online

    Combining all these metrics establishes your Local Authority Score. You can augment your chances of achieving a higher local rank by following the 6 factors outlined above. Additionally, it will compare and contrast your business service to those of other competitors and supply niche-specific advice on items you could include.

    To significantly enhance your search visibility in Google Maps, you must ensure that the local authority score is higher. This tool will be of great aid to those companies with multiple locations as it assists them in adjusting their GMB according to different areas and comprehending what needs additional input for attaining the top position.

    Local Falcon Pricing

    Local Falcon offers flexible pricing tiers based on monthly credits:

    • Starter - $24.99/month for 7,500 credits
    • Basic - $49.99/month for 15,000 credits
    • Pro - $99.99/month for 31,000 credits
    • Premium - $199.99/month for 63,000 credits

    The pay-as-you-go credit structure provides affordability for sporadic use. Power users can upgrade for more credits and volume-based discounts.

    Compared to pricier SEO services, Local Falcon delivers robust local tracking at an accessible price point. It's a cost-effective option for bootstrapped brands or infrequent local rank checkers.

    Local Falcon vs. Local Viking

    Local Falcon and Local Viking are leading options for GMB management and local SEO analytics.

    Both provide:

    • Comprehensive dashboards and reporting
    • Social integration to boost rankings
    • Reputation management

    Local Viking is known for auto-posting features that can elevate GMB presence.

    However, Local Falcon offers more budget-friendly credits-based pricing. This flexibility and affordability led our team to ultimately choose Local Falcon as our local SEO toolkit.

    The payment model and overall UX experience were determining factors. For affordable, self-service local SEO, Local Falcon hits the mark.

    Final Take on Local Falcon

    For any business serious about local SEO, Local Falcon is an invaluable Google My Business management tool that should be a core part of your digital marketing strategy.

    This revolutionary software allows you to audit your GMB profile and pinpoint specific areas for optimization. Just one scan can provide the insights needed to boost your rankings and visibility.

    Powered by the reputable data provider dbaPlatform, Local Falcon delivers authentic and secure information you can trust, unlike some questionable data from other GMB trackers. The 100% white label capability also adds flexibility.

    For service area businesses, Local Falcon enables tailored management of geo-grids, multiple listings, and granular location data points. Whether covering a wide territory or optimizing a single location, this platform gives unprecedented control over monitoring and improving GMB performance.

    Don't settle for lackluster visibility - take charge of your GMB presence with Local Falcon's purpose-built local SEO capabilities. The ability to quickly identify and act on opportunities can drive significant ranking gains.

    Overall, Local Falcon stands out as a transformative tool for unlocking the full potential of Google My Business. This concise review highlights why it deserves consideration by any brand invested in local search performance. Give your GMB management strategy an edge by seeing what Local Falcon can do for your visibility.


    Does Local Falcon provide national rank tracking?

    No, Local Falcon is exclusively focused on localized rank tracking and GMB optimization. For national keyword tracking, you would need a supplemental tool.

    What is the maximum number of locations I can track?

    Local Falcon currently supports tracking up to 100 physical business locations. Additional locations can be tracked via enterprise plans.

    Can I track rankings on Bing and other search engines?

    At this time, Local Falcon only tracks Google Maps rankings. However, Bing Maps tracking is on the roadmap based on user feedback.

    Is there a free version available?

    No free version, but the credits system allows using the tool as needed at a low cost. They do offer a 7-day free trial to test it out.

    What are the requirements for tracking a location?

    You need an active Google My Business listing verified and showing up in local results to enable tracking in Local Falcon.

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