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Building internal links is an essential piece of the SEO puzzle. When built properly, internal links give context to search engines, keep users on your site for longer, reduce bounce rates, and more.

Here’s the problem—they’re tedious to build.
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Internal link juicer
The Ultimate WordPress Plugin for Internal Linking Optimization
Internal Link Juicer is a WordPress plugin that offers a simple solution. Select a post or page, write some anchor text that you want to link to that post or page, and boom! Any anchor text that fits the bill on your other posts and pages will link to it. You can configure it to automatically create partial match keywords, and you can get granular about:
How many outbound internal links each post can have
How many outbound internal links each post can have to another given post
Which posts or pages are eligible for automated outbound internal links
And more

Both the free and paid versions of Internal Link Juicer have their uses. It’s a great piece of software! Unfortunately, it has some shortcomings:

  • It’s only available as a WordPress plugin
  • Some users find it difficult to work with
  • The tool’s functionality is somewhat limited
  • The plugin has limited integrations with other tools

Want to automate internal link building on your WordPress site? Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Internal Link Juicer is an excellent tool. 

For those of you who want a more powerful tool for your internal linking strategy, those of you who value ease of use, and those who run sites off platforms other than WordPress? I have good news:

There’s an excellent alternative to Internal Link Juicer.

Link Whisper

When it comes to internal linking, Link Whisper does everything. Much like Internal Link Juicer, you can use it to automatically build links to a page when it finds a piece of relevant anchor text on one of your pages (and you can get granular with it, too). But Link Whisper does so much more:
Automatically gives suggestions as you’re writing or reviewing posts
Offers a powerful internal link auditing tool to find orphaned and underlinked posts
Allows you to quickly find and edit anchor text
Offers powerful integrations with Google Search Console
Is available as a Shopify app
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Want to improve your internal linking strategy? I highly recommend Link Whisper as an alternative to Internal Link Juicer—it’s a lot more powerful. Don’t build internal links manually—time is money, and manual link building takes a lot of time.

Go forth, and build internal links!

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