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Kyle Vouriot

SerpFocus Technical & On-Page SEO Specialist and Specialist at First Rank Digital Marketing

As SerpFocus's Technical & On-Page SEO Specialist, I help optimize websites for higher rankings through technical audits, site speed optimizations, and on-page enhancements. I first discovered my passion for technical SEO while working as a web developer. I realized how critical site architecture, code, and content are for search visibility.

I joined SerpFocus to combine my development background with in-depth SEO knowledge to help businesses improve their site's technical foundations and on-page factors. My responsibilities include performing technical SEO audits, providing remediation recommendations, optimizing page speed and core web vitals, as well as enhancing on-page content for target keywords. I love being able to make an immediate impact through hands-on technical optimizations and advice tailored to each site's unique needs

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