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If You Want to Use Your Current Gmail Account and Not Create a New One, Follow Instructions Below

Instructions for adding SERP Networx as Google Manager

Gmail Address To Add:

If you have a GMB & Youtube, follow the steps below:
1. Log into the Google account that “owns” the page
2. Visit Google My Business here:
a. If you have more than one Page associated with your account, locate and click on the Page that you want us to integrate with your Syndication Network order
i. If it is a Local/Maps page, it will be listed in the Locations tab
ii. If it is not a local/maps page, it will be listed in the Brand Pages tab
3. Click on the menu icon (in top left corner of browser window) to reveal the page menu
4. Click “Manage users”
5. Click the “Invite new users” icon in the top right corner of the pop up window
a. Paste in, the address provided above
b. Select “Manager” from the “Choose a role” drop down menu
6. Click “INVITE”
7. Click “DONE”
If you have a regular Google Plus and not a GMB:
1. Go to
2. Login and click on your icon in the top right hand corner, select the Google Plus page you want us to manage.
3. Click on the upper right hand icon again and select "Manage Account"
4. Click "Manage Permissions"
5. Select "Invite New Users" Icon in the upper right hand corner of the pop up box
6. Add
7. Select the "Choose a role" dropdown menu, select manager
8. Select Invite
If you have a YouTube channel ONLY, follow the steps below:
1. Go to and login to associated account.
2. Click your profile picture in upper right corner
3. Click the gear next to creator studio
4. Click "Add or Remove Managers "
5. Click manage permissions
6. Click the plus sign with little person next to it in the upper right corner
7. Add e-mail:
8. Choose role to manage
9. Click "INVITE"
After your completed networks have been delivered, you should remove us from being a page or YouTube channel manager.
If you have any trouble, please contact us via:

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