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Hi there and thanks for stopping by, you will be happy you did 😉

I'm Mike and today I'm going to be telling you some crazy PBN swapping tactics.

Before I get into how I do private blog network swaps and my ULTRA secret powerhouse ninja swapping tactics (that's a mouthful, but it sounds cool) but first I want to talk quickly about PBN swaps and why they are AWESOME!

Yes A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Let's take a look at some examples. I'm going to estimate the standard cost of a PR website at $100 for these examples.

First let's look at a standard network setup with three money sites:

Scenario #1: Standard PBN


Estimating at $100 a PBN website, the standard setup would cost you $1,200! You would only be getting 12 links to each site and it doesn't look that natural either.

Not to mention all of the leftover space on your PBNs going to waste.

Now let's look at the Swap Method with three money sites:

Scenario #2: Swap Method


So this would cost you around $600. It would get you 12 network links per money site, and it looks much more natural.

And guess what? You can put 15 to 20 links on a site safely.

So let's take a final look at this with one money site and 2 PBNs

Scenario #3: Swap Method (2 PBN websites)


Average cost $200, very natural and 34 BACKLINKS!

I think you see my point 🙂

So how do you do a swap "properly"?

Let's take a look.

How to Swap Links

Swapping links isn't any different than linking from your private network, so don't over complicate it.

Here are the simple bullet points of what you need to keep in mind when swapping:

That's It!

Find a swap partner, agree on the swap sites, exchange links and anchor texts and go post each others links with content on your sites. DONE.

Just ask yourself:

  1. Would I buy this site and put my link on it?
  2. What anchor text would I use if it were my site?

But what about Relevance Mike?!?
-Well, I'm glad you asked.

Its important to consider the niche of the network site you are swapping with as well as the money site your swap partner will want you to link to.

At the same time don't over think it because swapping with different niches is 100% safe and can be very natural!

All you need to do is determine if the niches can be combined.

Example: Law niche and Health Niche Swap

IMPORTANT: The biggest issue with different niche swapping is when your dealing with spammy or "special" niches (Don't swap links for your home improvement site with someone who needs links for porn or gambling or has a similar PBN)

So with that said lets let the secret out!

My Crazy Powerhouse PBN Tactics

So I've already explained the power and cost efficiency of swaps, so your probably asking yourself:

"How can this get any better Mike?"

Well, let's take a look.

#1 PSN: Build a Private Swap Network

Now you know its ok to swap with different niches, but some people will only want to swap with 100% relevant niche PBNs. It's also good to point out that having a niche relevant private blog network can give you the upper hand in a swap. 🙂

So what should we do?

Start building a private swap network of standard niches just to swap links with.


You still need to buy your websites and theme them to your niche for your money site links (this is still important)


Go buy four additional PR websites and set them up in popular niches like health, house and home, financial and law.

Now you can swap 60-80 links easily with people in 5 different niches (including your own)

Hint: People are willing to give a little more for quality + relevance if they have too. 😉

Remember you can still link to your money site with your private swap network.

You can also rent links if you want to but before we get off topic let's jump into...

MY ULTRA Secret Powerhouse Ninja Swapping Tactic (Sorry just wanted to say it again)

#2 The Tier 2 Swap Method

There have been many different methods used to power up people's PBN as well as increase their off-page relevance.

The method I'm about to discuss is by far the cheapest, safest, and the most powerful method I have ever come across.

All you have to do is build 2nd tier links to you PBN utilizing your PSN

Let's take a look at how this works:


CRITICAL NOTE (Be careful of footprints)

Don't link to your money site from a PSN that you are using to build second tier links to your PBN.

Try not to think over this and just don't do anything that would leave an 'obvious" footprint:

  1. Buy one new PSN website to swap links for the second tier link method and DO NOT link this PSN site to your money website.
  2. DO NOT do swap with a PBN website that you are building 2nd tier links to (you want to keep all that link power for yourself anyway. ;-))

Now go use your crazy swapping ninja tactics (I obviously like the word ninja) and take over the first page of Google!

Where can you go to get swap partners?


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