Do you have samples?

Yes we do! Take a look at some managed content samples below:

Can my content package be used on multiple websites?

Yes you can split your content order between multiple websites BUT, this is meant to be a a fully managed service to autom post highly optimized, quality content to your site consistently ever month. Therfor, if you want to change the websites your content is being posted to, this is fine but it must be done prior to re-billing. Once your order re-bills we resubmit for the same sites immediately as to not hold up your order. If you request different sites after you have been refilled, your new sites will be used the following month once your order re-bills again.

How do you post the content directly to my website or web property?

We work with any CMS or web property so to effectively manage access you can use LastPass to share your passwords securely and safely so they can not be viewed by our management team. (5-minute walkthrough will be provided.)

Is the content safe for money websites and client websites?

This content is 100% safe. We actually designed this service with the intentions of using it for our clients so we ensure ever piece of content is well written and presentable to your customers. This is the same content we use on clients paying upwards of $4k a month for SEO services so quality is our top priority.

Is the content unique?

The content is 100% Copyscape proof and unique original content. We guarantee content uniqueness.

What is the frequency of content?

Your managed blog posts will start 7 days after completing the managed blog submission form. After 7 days, your posts will continue every week with the example schedule below:

How is the content generated?

We use a proprietary method to create the highest quality content on the market which includes a combination of software and our educated staff. We use software for topic research and our in-house team generates well written unique copy based on the keywords/topics you request. All content is guaranteed to be unique, pass Copyscape and will read professionally.

What keyword "optimization practices" do you follow?

We use standard optimization methods which include using your keyword, keyword variations, and LSI keywords through you contents heading, alt text, inner linking, metadata and so on. We do not over optimize or keyword stuff content. All content reads well using proper LSI and related terms.

Can I divide my content order up amongst multiple websites?

Each order of either 4, 12 or 20 pages/posts per month is for one website. If you would like to have managed content for multiple websites, please place a seperate order per website.

Can the content order be customized?

YES! If you have any custom requests for your content such as adding an embed, authority outbound link, an anchor text outbound link (for a PBN or backlink purpose) or even adding a specific image or infographic you have, we can do it. If you have a specific structure for your content you would like us to follow, not a problem. This service is designed to work for you, your business and your client. Whatever your content needs, we can handle it.

Do you offer multiple languages?

At this moment we only offer English written content. All of our writers are English speakers and it is the only language we specialize in. We are working to provide a multi-language service in the future but do not currently at this time.

Do you have any type of guarantee?

YES! We are so confident with our service and strive to make it the most powerful versatile content system on the market, that we off a full 30 Days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. If you feel the content is not up to your standards or the service is not what you expected, request a refund and cancel your order. It's that simple. There is no risk so place your order now and see how our managed content service can reduce your time spent on campaigns and increase your ROI. Get started now.

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